Twitter and Digg Intend to Make Money

The Silicon Valley Insider posted a couple of articles this week about what Twitter and Digg intend to do to make money. Here is what they found:


  • Ante says Digg will have to “dial back some of its expansion plans.” Says Adelson: “Now I am pressured to keep costs reasonable and focus more on the top-line revenue, which we really haven’t done ever.” After its last round of funding Digg said it would double headcount before December 2009. Maybe not now.
  • Insert ads into its RSS feeds.
  • Ante says Digg is “on the verge” of improving its search and sell ads against search results.
  • Digg is “within a month of closing a deal with a mobile ad provider to sell more ads on cell phones,”says Ante.
  • Buy Digg clones to expand internationally. “There are Digg clones around the world in every country,” says Adelson. “I could go into those markets and clean up those sites. If I needed more capital to do a deal, I could probably do it.”
  • Add new features to make users click more.


  • Revenue is coming Q1, Evan promises. “I don’t want to raise money in 2009.”
  • Twitter is in talks with “large consumer packaged good companies.” But no word yet on just what that means.
  • In the works: Grouping Twitter friends into cliques for easier following, a feature the microblogging service has been promising since at least June.
  • Also being promised: Making Twitter easier to use for a general audience. Evan didn’t mince words here — “It’s amazing anyone uses Twitter today,” he said. “It’s hard.”

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