Target Pushes New Christina Aguilera Single

In support of Christina Aguilera’s latest album, being sold exclusively at Target stores, Target is getting rather innovative in their outdoor advertising. In the 49th street station, there has been this interactive billboard on the downtown train platform.


There are multiple ways to interact with the unit. The first being text “Music” to “Target” on your mobile phone (does not work with Verizon Wireless) in order to receive the ringtone of Aguilera’s new single, “Keeps Gettin’ Better”. The second way to interact with the units is to plug your headphones into the headphone jack and listen to a short message and then to the new single. This second option is effective because Target assumes because of the ubiquitousness of MP3 players most people will have headphone available to plug into the player.


This outdoor advertisement is used to complement both the print ads and the TV commercial. This is a great way to create multiple ways for people to interact with an outdoor placement. The only problem is I have yet to see someone actually using it.

I think TV and Movie companies can use this type of unit for similar results. By placing a small video player in the billboard, people could plug in and watch a movie trailer and even be given local movie times based on the stops on the specific subway line.

Another way to use this billboard would be to set up a wifi base for people to be able to download the single to their iPhones, iPod Touch or Zume. This unit can easily function as a high-tech food sample at a grocery store.


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