Vincent Dooly

Interesting viral campaign I came across for a independent movie release.

A friend of mine posted this video on my Facebook wall. He later told me he originally found it on The film opens with “The Mother of Invention Documentary” and a prompt to follow Vincent Dooly on Twitter.

I thought the video was great, so I immediately emailed it to 4 friends who would probably agree with me. Next, I tried to find more videos of Vincent Dooly.  The most logical place to first look would be under the video in the response section. The video was a response to “Vincent and the Super Suit”. This is the video.

At the end of the video there is a link to ““. When typed into your browser, the link redirects you to ““, which you immediately discover is a site for a The Mother of Invention, a “feature film seeking distribution”. At the site, you can watch the trailer, watch videos at vimeo, view the cast, get a synopsis and visit the blog (which launched today 12/11).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

While this is certainly not a new marketing strategy for films to build buzz and reach with  teasers on video sharing sites, it is unique for a film to try to do those while looking for distribution. The content is compelling enough to gain some traction, which will hopefully be noticed by studio execs and translate to a distribution deal. I’m hoping it ultimately does.

This also seems a bit similar to the marketing behind Danny McBride’s Foot Fist Way. They used Funny or Die to begin seeding teaser skits to a strong and targeted audience. The videos were submitted as low budget commercial and were submitted by Fred Simmons (Danny McBride). These were able to create a large amount of buzz for the movie.



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3 responses to “Vincent Dooly

  1. Really a very interesting way to get a truly independent film out there. Very tuff to tell what’s fantasy, what’s fact. I like that. This thing is all over the place

  2. I think it’s so hopeful to get a truly independent film some notice. Very hard to tell fact from fantasy. No one seems to know for sure who this guy is. It’s all over the place.

  3. Hilarious. Mystery. What’s real, what’s not.

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