From PSFK comes an interesting post about a Dutch coffee shop, CoffeeCompany, who has been using wifi menus to “battle internet moochers.”

“The company offers free wifi in stores servicing local universities, but found their free internet was attracting far more freeloaders than paying customers. So they decided to tempt the cash tight loiterers by moving their menus into the wifi menu, constantly changing their network name from ‘CoffeeCompany’ to titles like “HaveYouTriedTheCarrotCake?” and “Mmm…YummyMuffinsOnly1,99″.  Clever solution. But definitely opening the door to some awkward situations; patrons planning to connect to the network may find it a little uncomfortable double checking with store staff whether “BuyAnotherCoffeeYouCheapskate” is the right network…”

I think this tactic can be used from a marketing perspective as well. For example, if WalMart supplied free wifi they could auto-direct the consumers who selected that network to the WalMart.com homepage. The wifi network in the wifi network could be labeled either as WalMart or could be a sale taking place on the specific day.


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