Mixwit is shutting down

I received this note in my email this morning…


First Muxtape, now Mixwit. Muxtape was shut down due to pressure from the RIAA. The reason the RIAA forced it to closed was due to violation of the record label’s copyrights by hosting and streaming the MP3s. While the people from Mixwit did not specify the reasons for shutting down, I cannot imagine they are that different than Muxtapes.

I am huge fan of online mixtape services and do not think they pose a major threat to the record industry. I also think they can easily be used as marketing platform to promote new music. While services like these are awesome for the consumer, they really need to figure out from the start how they can provide benefit to the labels.

From just using these sites I can see various ways to earn revenue through sponsorship:

  • Have sponsored mixtapes (eg. Nike presents running mixtape)
  • Advertiser skins for the cassettes
  • Record labels can supply their artists to create featured mixtapes
  • Partnership with sites like My Secret Playlist
  • Promote featured songs for the mixtapes
  • Originally content that can be sponsored (Mixtape Memories from Artists)

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