FEED: The Razorfish Consumer Experience Report

Gerd Leonhard of Media Futurist points to the 2008 Razorfish Consumer Experience Report. This is a very thorough overview of social media and how it relates to the consumer.

Some main points from the report: *denotes my commentary


  • Search is the primary mode of navigation
  • Social media fractures the consumer landscape
  • Consumers are more technologically adept and active
  • Companies need to adopt emerging technologies
  • Companies need think more like entertainment companies and party planners instead of like advertisers
    *They need to create interactive and engaging experiences for their consumers – traditional, one-way advertising formats and messages will not suffice
  • Integrated content creation and distribution

Meet The Connected Consumer:

  • Consumers are no longer sampling social media, but now adopting it
  • Content is advertising – the thing is though, you must be able to effectively distribute it
  • 55% of Americans have high-speed internet access
  • Distribution of content and services will trump actual destinations
  • Necessary to monetize the distribution
    *Distribution increases reach –> sell reach
  • Video is star – companion banners, tickers, overlays and interstitials are preferred to pre-roll
  • Consumers are going to social networks for social reasons, not to find out about new products
    *Product discovery happens organically – friends tent to read a book or watch a movie because it is in your friends favorite’s list
  • Search and product recommendations as primary way to locate products online
  • US is a developing country when it comes to mobile
  • SMS is becoming a dominant service – 50%+ of US mobile users SMS
  • All age segments are adopting new technologies

Facebook and Social Networking:

  • No longer a single destination – now the entire web is becoming social
  • Social networks make people feel special – users feel like the star of their own lives
  • Socially aware companies put customers and audiences at the center of their world
  • To make a real difference, the new social web needs to have a strong business model
    *Facebook Affiliate Program…have books, movies, music you list in your favorites link to Amazon, iTunes, etc. – user would get an affiliate fee if the person made a purchase through the link

Life After The iPhone:

  • Major development needs to happen in the US market
    1. Mobile user experience – simplicity rules!
    2. Application development – iFund, Android Developers, Blackberry Fund
    3. Open access and 3G networks

More Value To Your Message:

  • Visa Buiness Network on Facebook gave registered members of the application $100 to spend on fb advertising
  • Nike Human Race makes users feel as if they are part of a global movement – use online to create offline experiences
  • Scion pushes customization and personalization


  • Micro-interaction tools move into the mainstream
  • They are a fundamentally different way of communicating – serves as a tool for the social influence marketer
  • Microblogging = immediacy, simplicity, voyerism and constant communication
  • Users define utility – how they want to use the tools
  • Because they have the portability of the social graph, these conversations can take place anywhere

Mad Widgetry:

  • Widgets take advantage of the highly decentralized, interconnected nature of the internet – they are changing the landscape for content publishers like NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NYTimes and The Weather Channel
  • Widgets are perfect for the mobile space
  • Distributed Networked Future
    * Hulu does a great job distributing their content through widgets, but think they need to let the user be able to watch shows from the widget

What’s In A Game?

  • 72% of the US population played a video, internet or computer game in 2007
  • Product as a game
  • Frequent and instant feedback
  • Clear goals and rewards
  • A sense of of progression over time
  • 4 Techniques to Encourage Successful Game Interaction
    1. Remember the end goal is to make the user happy
    2. Imagine your product as a game
    3. Build an advergame
    4. Build an experience with game like techniques

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