Social media in a box: The Chumby

chumby There was no must-buy Christmas electronic gift this year. No new iPhone refresh, no tickle-me-elmo – nothing! There is a gadget out there that has been flying under the radar, and it is probably one of the coolest open-source pieces of hardware to hit the market (or at least to hit your bedroom dresser) in a long time. The Chumby is a touchscreen in a plush housing, with a built in accelerometer, some speakers and a wifi card. Running on an open-source platform, it is essentially iGoogle on your alarm clock. Like waking up to your favorite Pandora station? Like waking up and seeing updates on your Flickr account, local weather, sports scores, RSS feed updates, Facebook wall? Its all right there. Widgets have finally made their push into the bedroom. At $200 each, the Chumby isn’t the cheapest alarm clock on the market, but it’s certainly the coolest.


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