Advertising In A Recession

economistYesterday, I came across this presentation on Adverlab. It is a presentation from the UK Economist’s sales department in what seems to be an attempt to convince their advertisers not to cut their media budgets.

The presentation is visually very compelling and makes some very strong points. I think the most important point is the fact that this is the most opportune time for smaller more competitive companies to gain market share against the powerhouses. While Economist does a great job of illustrating the points, they are not new or revolutionary.

There is an obvious bias here based on the fact that I’m sure this is used as a sales document to get advertisers to spend with the Economist. They use BMW as an example of a brand that can use advertising to gain market share, but it seems like they can repurpose this to make it relevant for other clients.


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  1. DavidW

    Ad agency Ogilvy has launched an entire website addressing advertising in a recession.

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