Brand Monitoring Is Legit

In a post last week, I provided a pretty substantial list of social media search engines and brand monitoring tools. I finished the post by challenging the companies I mentioned to see if they could find the post I had written about them. One week later, five companies had reached out letting me know they read my post. The companies that did were; SocialMention, Backtype, SamePoint, Radian6 and WhosTalkin. It is very nice to know that these companies practice what they preach. Every brand should have the same mindset. They need to find the people who are talking, understand what is being said  and then engage them in conversation. It shows that the brand is being proactive and places value on the people willing to talk.

While the companies I wrote about reached out to me, so did some new ones. What I can gather from this is that they are monitoring conversations about their competitors. They saw that I did not mention their company is my list and wanted to make sure they were included as well.

Here is the list of companies I did not mention. – A paid service still in beta. is a social media search engine as well as a brand monitoring tool. They not only find the conversation, but they claim to engage and react to what is being said about your brand.

techrigyTechrigy SM2 – Designed for both casual audiences (Freemium) and PR professionals (premium service). The SM2 Social Media tool is full of graphs and features that not many of the other companies have. You can watch their product demo to better understand their full capabilities.

collectiveintellectCollective Intellect – Paid, real-time social media listening tool. Collective Intellect utilized data visualization and back-end reporting to make sense of all the conversations taking place about your brand. They have their own contextual serch engine making results much more relevant. They offer three serives; CI/Listen, CI/Learn and CI/Participate. This is a very calculated strategy to brand monitoring. They let you see the conversations taking place, help you understand what they mean, and once you understand, how to react and get involved in that conversation.



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2 responses to “Brand Monitoring Is Legit

  1. Is the Google Labs product you mentioned in the original post the same as Google Alerts? We use the Alerts which sends us an email anytime our company is mentioned in the Google Index.

  2. @Stephen. I mentioned two Google products. Google Trends, which analyzes multiple search terms across Google Search Index and News Reference during a specific time period. You can see it for Apple vs. PC at The second Google product I mention is Google Reader, which is a rss feed aggregator. For the purpose of the article I have all my social media search engines being fed into a central location, my Google Reader. This is constantly updated as soon as someone across the web mentions the specific keyword I am monitoring.

    Google Alerts is a very good tool, but it is limited to only blog posts from Google Blog Index and news stories from Google News. If you use it along with the other tools I mention I think you can very successfully keep a pulse check on your brand.

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