Follow The Inauguration With Your Friends Through Facebook

Today President Elect Barak Obama becomes President Barak Obama. If you cannot get to a TV, I suggest you go to to sign on to the live streaming coverage.


What makes CNN’s live stream so innovative is they have incorporated Facebook Connect into the video. You can update your Facebook status and comment while watching the video stream.


There are two tabs, one to see your friend’s status messages and the second to see the status messages from across all of Facebook.

The online reporters are frequently pointing out this Facebook integration and asking users to participate. They have even gone to live metric reports from a Facebook studio, where a girl named Randi Zuckerberg (Mark’s sister?) is reporting. According to Facebook metrics, there are 2,000 status updates per minutes across the world and 100,000 Facebook members have signed up to watch with CNN.

They also had a segment where they looked at trending from Facebook Lexicon. There are obviously major spikes in the following terms; Obama, inaguration, mall. Is is a great opportunity for Facebook to showcase this relatively new tool.


lexicon-obamaFacebook is also reporting on the number of targeted ads they are seeing across the network targeted to today. This is obviously another plug for Facebook’s offerings.

This is a very smart move for CNN to use Facebook Connect to create a co-viewing environment for the Inauguration. CNN has been at the forefront of a traditional news company using social media, but this move shows they obviously understand social media and understand how to integrate it into their offerings. It also shows they understand the audience. Obama’s campaign was one of the greatest implementations of social media marketing, and it was so effective because his audience are the people using social media. CNN is using all of this information to relate to a connected audience, while hopefully bringing more users to their site.


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