Social Apps – Triviality vs. Utility

This presentation is intended to illustrate the difference between  social applications/widgets/mobile apps deemed trivial (adding no real benefit to the community or the user) versus those  deemed utility based (adding value). This is a very interesting dichotomy for advertisers to understand when creating an application for a specific platform. Do they want an application that will hopefully gain a lot of buzz and installs very quickly or do they want to invest in something long-term, providing value and utility.

It is very clear how the two different types of applications match up with each other. The apps like vampires start very strong and then slowly fizz out, whereas the apps that provide utility start a little more slowly but maintain long-term growth.

I would advise advertisers to invest in applications that provide value instead of those who provide flair. The advertisers who succeed most are those seen as willing to invest in the user and their community.


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