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Survival Of The Fittest: Television As An Evoltionary Medium

In Sunday’s Business Section of the NYTimes, Randall Stross speculates on “why television still shines in a world or screens” as readers continue to disappear from print media; books, newspapers and magazines.

He states, “a tipping point has been passed in the competition between print and screen that has been under way since the beginnings of broadcast TV and now continues with video and other media.”

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Shepard Fairy

Awesome video

He says the use of black and red is because those were the colors he could get for free. Jack White intentionally uses black and red (and white) because he has said they are “the most powerful color combination of all time, from a Coca-Cola can to a Nazi banner”. I wonder if this plays any of the significance for Fairy as well.


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The official White House website gets a much needed redesign.


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Filed under Media Relaunch And Redesign is out of beta and re-launched this morning. It launches with a pretty cool prestitial from Ford F-150, introducing the new site. Ford also sponsored the banner ads and video units on the homepage.


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My 2009 Predictions

I would be negligent as a person who consumes so much information and spends so much time engulfed in social media not to make my own predictions for 2009. So, here they are…
  1. Distribution rules.
    – New media companies will establish distribution networks before they build a single destination for their content. Companies will understand tvloop_logo_betathe need to put their efforts to reaching an audience across the web, instead of driving them to a single destination. As I have noted in a previous postTVLoop is a prime example of this. Instead of creating a site similar to Hulu, where all the content lives on a single destination, they first created a distribution network reaching an audience that already existed on social networking sites. Without sounding cliche, companies need to fish where the fish are instead of exerting their efforts luring them to a single trap. The most important thing is understanding how to monetize these distribution networks and create monetary value for the content. 
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ABC News Launches iPhone Application

Via Mirco Persuasion


As the year rolls to a close, several news organizations have added iPhone applications to the iTunes App Store. These include USA Today, NPR and Accuweather. Now throw in ABC News, which launched this morning.

The ABC News iPhone application features video clips from their national news programs, stories from the web site as well as local clips from affiliates in major cities. In addition, what’s unique about the application is that they also have a tab for breaking news and local emergency alerts.

You can download the free application here (iTunes link)

While these applications are great for content distribution and reach, I think they really need to begin to monetize these new platforms. To begin, sponsorships of these platforms could be very interesting to an advertiser.

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AdWeek: Publicis Links With Social Media Vendors

VivaKi LogoAdWeek has reported yet another Publicis partnership, this time in the social media space. Branded the REAL Suite (reach, engage, amplify, listen), Publicis is rolling this up under its VivaKi digital group. Like VivaKi itself, and other Publicis deals like its partnership with Google it is unclear whether Publicis has a real go-to-market social media strategy, or if this is just more Publicis PR. The key point though, is this announcement is another clear sign that the big holding companies haven’t quite figured out the social media space yet.

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