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Some Make Resolutions, Some Make Predictions

Here are a handful of links to some predictions for 2009:

eMarketer’s Predictions for 2009

Social media expert and co-author of “Groundswell” Charlene Li’s predictions for 2009

2009 predictions from 15 social media experts – from Jaffe Juice

Hypebot’s music industry predictions

Music Alley’s digital music predictions


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Mixwit is shutting down

I received this note in my email this morning…


First Muxtape, now Mixwit. Muxtape was shut down due to pressure from the RIAA. The reason the RIAA forced it to closed was due to violation of the record label’s copyrights by hosting and streaming the MP3s. While the people from Mixwit did not specify the reasons for shutting down, I cannot imagine they are that different than Muxtapes.

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Digital Passes Physical

Reported for the first time, digital music sales passes CD sales. Atlantic Records, a subsidiary of Warner Music Group, announced digital sales made up more than half of its revenues (51%) during the fourth quarter of 2008.

Digital revenues are made up of sales of MP3s (like those sold at Apple’s iTunes Store), ring tones, itunes7_storeringbacks, satellite radio and subscription services.

While this is very significant, the New York Times makes the point that Atlantic Record’s situation “is [still] sharply at odds with the trends in the music industry over all, where data show that sales of compact discs still account for more than two-thirds of music sales. Forrester Research does not expect digital music to reach 50 percent of the overall pie until 2011.”

This shift at Atlantic Records proves to the music industry that the move from physical to digital is real. Major music labels can no longer completely rely their old ways to generate revenue. Companies now, more than ever, need to embrace the digital space both in terms of distribution as well as marketing and promotion.

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