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Social Apps – Triviality vs. Utility

This presentation is intended to illustrate the difference between  social applications/widgets/mobile apps deemed trivial (adding no real benefit to the community or the user) versus those  deemed utility based (adding value). This is a very interesting dichotomy for advertisers to understand when creating an application for a specific platform. Do they want an application that will hopefully gain a lot of buzz and installs very quickly or do they want to invest in something long-term, providing value and utility.

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ABC News Launches iPhone Application

Via Mirco Persuasion


As the year rolls to a close, several news organizations have added iPhone applications to the iTunes App Store. These include USA Today, NPR and Accuweather. Now throw in ABC News, which launched this morning.

The ABC News iPhone application features video clips from their national news programs, stories from the web site as well as local clips from affiliates in major cities. In addition, what’s unique about the application is that they also have a tab for breaking news and local emergency alerts.

You can download the free application here (iTunes link)

While these applications are great for content distribution and reach, I think they really need to begin to monetize these new platforms. To begin, sponsorships of these platforms could be very interesting to an advertiser.

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Video of the T-Mobile G1 runnning Google Android running Wikitude. Using the phone camera, Wikitude takes the user’s geographical coordinates and tells the users what they are looking at through the display.

EXTRA: Google Android G1 phone selling better than expected…via TGDaily

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