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Follow The Inauguration With Your Friends Through Facebook

Today President Elect Barak Obama becomes President Barak Obama. If you cannot get to a TV, I suggest you go to CNN.com to sign on to the live streaming coverage.


What makes CNN’s live stream so innovative is they have incorporated Facebook Connect into the video. You can update your Facebook status and comment while watching the video stream.

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Terror Tweets

On Wednesday, I was sitting at lunch when all of a sudden the two women sipping wine and eating salads at the table next to mine started frantically placing and answering calls on their iPhone and Blackberry.

“Shootings!…Terrorists!…I know people there!”

After already being on alert from the headlines on Yahoo’s frontpage about possible terror attacks in the New York Subway system, I began to really listen. Both continued to try to get in touch with friends and family thought to be in Mumbai.

Trying to figure out what they were talking about, I went to my blackberry. I first went to CNN.com – nothing. Then to NYTimes.com – nothing. Finally to Google News “Mumbai” – nothing. Once I left the restaurant twenty minutes later, I checked again – “Deadly shootouts across Mumbai Luxury Hotels.” It took a full twenty minutes after hearing first hand, for the news outlets to begin reporting online.

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