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Survival Of The Fittest: Television As An Evoltionary Medium

In Sunday’s Business Section of the NYTimes, Randall Stross speculates on “why television still shines in a world or screens” as readers continue to disappear from print media; books, newspapers and magazines.

He states, “a tipping point has been passed in the competition between print and screen that has been under way since the beginnings of broadcast TV and now continues with video and other media.”

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ABC News Launches iPhone Application

Via Mirco Persuasion


As the year rolls to a close, several news organizations have added iPhone applications to the iTunes App Store. These include USA Today, NPR and Accuweather. Now throw in ABC News, which launched this morning.

The ABC News iPhone application features video clips from their national news programs, stories from the web site as well as local clips from affiliates in major cities. In addition, what’s unique about the application is that they also have a tab for breaking news and local emergency alerts.

You can download the free application here (iTunes link)

While these applications are great for content distribution and reach, I think they really need to begin to monetize these new platforms. To begin, sponsorships of these platforms could be very interesting to an advertiser.

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FEED: The Razorfish Consumer Experience Report

Gerd Leonhard of Media Futurist points to the 2008 Razorfish Consumer Experience Report. This is a very thorough overview of social media and how it relates to the consumer.

Some main points from the report: *denotes my commentary

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Terror Tweets

On Wednesday, I was sitting at lunch when all of a sudden the two women sipping wine and eating salads at the table next to mine started frantically placing and answering calls on their iPhone and Blackberry.

“Shootings!…Terrorists!…I know people there!”

After already being on alert from the headlines on Yahoo’s frontpage about possible terror attacks in the New York Subway system, I began to really listen. Both continued to try to get in touch with friends and family thought to be in Mumbai.

Trying to figure out what they were talking about, I went to my blackberry. I first went to CNN.com – nothing. Then to NYTimes.com – nothing. Finally to Google News “Mumbai” – nothing. Once I left the restaurant twenty minutes later, I checked again – “Deadly shootouts across Mumbai Luxury Hotels.” It took a full twenty minutes after hearing first hand, for the news outlets to begin reporting online.

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Targetability of iPhone App Ads

We all know Apple uses the iPhone to sell applications at the App Store, but what about the notion Apple is using applications to sell the iPhone at the Apple Store? Last night, while watching episode 2 of Top Chef, the iPhone commercial promoting the UrbanSpoon app appeared twice.


Given the content of the show and the given audience, this ad is extremely relevant. The question is whether this ad is to push the Urban Spoon application, the iPhone or both. Based on the fact that Apple makes no money on this free application, it is safe to assume Apple is using the vast collection of applications to make a compelling case for why you should purchase an iPhone. The use of application as creative messaging gives great possibility to how targeted the ads can be.

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