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Turning Consumers Into Storytlrs

Storytelling has long been a way to effectively communicate a message, while creating a strong relationship between the story and the audience. Advertising agencies like the newly launched Dandelion are focused solely on creating meaningful brand interactions through storytelling. The storytelling is executed through highly produced branded serial content. We know agencies can tell very engaging brand stories, but what about the consumer?

Storytlr is a company that aggregates tweets, FB status updates, flickr posts, etc. from a specific event and compiles them into a packaged story of your life. Mashable gives a detailed recap of its offerings in a post entitled How To: Turn Your Photos, Video and Tweets into Stories.

I think it is an interesting property any company can use to help their customers (who use the products) tell a story, instead of hiring an agency to tell it. Essentially, an advertiser can use Storytlr to have their customers create mini stories about how they interact with that specific brand. This can either be positioned as a contest or just a testament to the power of a brand in one’s life.

This also opens opportunity for Storytlr. While they state on their About page “Storytlr is not a startup, just a fun project that we are building during our free time,” I think they could begin to develop some sort of advertiser based business model by creating white label versions of Storytlr for a brand to skin and put on the advertiser’s own website. Another opportunity would be to create branded Story Channels within Storytlr.com. Finally, it would be interesting to see where brands appear within existing stories on the site.

Brands always have a story to tell from their perspective, but I think it is the story from the perspective of the consumer that brands benefit much more.


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