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60% Of Twitter Users Quit After A Month And For Good Reason

Yesterday, The Silicon Valley Insider reported according the Nielsen 60% of Twitter users quit after the first month. While over half of Twitter users fall off after a month, social networking services such as Facebook and MySpace have much strong retention rates.

They do not seem to want to give much weight to these numbers by quoting MediaMemo’s Peter Kafka:

It’s worth noting here that Nielsen is likely overstating the churn because it is only measuring visits to the Twitter.com URL. The majority of Twitter use happens away from the site, on mobile phones and apps like Tweetdeck, and it’s theoretically possible to never visit Twitter.com after you sign up.

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2009 The Year Of Mobile Social Networking

One prediction I have for 2009 and the future of social media is the development and adoption of mobile social networks. What mobile mobilesndoes for social networking, if done correctly, is it effectively and seamlessly connects online relationships with offline experiences. The most popular features of social networking, like Facebook events, already do just that. With mobile social networks though, this can be accomplished with a lot more immediacy. There is the argument that online social networks causes people to become isolated and relinquish their need for real human interaction, but I think it actually enhances it. Once you are able to move outside of your house with these capabilities, I think this medium will begin to reach its full potential.

eMarketer released a report yesterday claiming there is major growth in mobile social networking. Overall, the number of people who accessed social networks from their mobile devices increased by 182% from September 2007 to October 2008.

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eMarketer Second Guesses 2009 Social Networking Ad Spend

A new report from eMarketer says the original projections of $1.8 billion in ad spending on social networks in 2009 are actually lower. eMarketer is now claiming this number is actually closer to about $1.3 billion for 2009. While this number is still greater than social network ad spending in 2008, it is not as high as once thought to be.

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Facebook Connect

In an effort to make the web more social, Facebook has officially rolled-out Facebook Connect. This was orginally announced on May 9th on Facebook’s Developer Blog. It has taken since then to finally get it live, and it is just barely live. From the sites they have listed it seems only the City Search Beta site is functioning properly. Next to the member login, it allows for users to sign in using Facebook.


If it is the first time you log in through your Facebook account, a screen will pop-up with an invitation to sync accounts.


Once logged in through your Facebook account, you are able to see which of your friends are also City Search members through Facebook. Your friend directory begins to be imported into City Search as more and more of your friends log-in. The other benefit is the reviews you write and the restaurants you recommend are shared with your entire network at Facebook.com.

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MySpace Enters Mobile Video Ad Space… Backwards

MySpace announced today they will be delivering video to mobile phones by streaming those videos through MySpace Mobile. The video service is free and will be supported by advertisements. While it is great idea by MySpace to move into the mobile video and mobile advertising market, they are walking in backwards from an ad perspective. Do they really think a mobile phone user will sit through a pre-roll ad before their :30 second video?

The Silicon Valley Insider has a report from TubeMogul that concludes “most people don’t watch web video for more than 60 seconds.”

Now, I am willing to bet that these numbers are drastically lower for mobile video. If a person sitting in a chair in their office does not watch a video for more than 60 seconds, how long do you think the person waiting for the bus is willing to watch a video? And if there is an ad before that video…not very long.

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