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Facebook Connect

In an effort to make the web more social, Facebook has officially rolled-out Facebook Connect. This was orginally announced on May 9th on Facebook’s Developer Blog. It has taken since then to finally get it live, and it is just barely live. From the sites they have listed it seems only the City Search Beta site is functioning properly. Next to the member login, it allows for users to sign in using Facebook.


If it is the first time you log in through your Facebook account, a screen will pop-up with an invitation to sync accounts.


Once logged in through your Facebook account, you are able to see which of your friends are also City Search members through Facebook. Your friend directory begins to be imported into City Search as more and more of your friends log-in. The other benefit is the reviews you write and the restaurants you recommend are shared with your entire network at Facebook.com.

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First Post – Breaking Habit

During my senior year at the University of Wisconsin, I wrote my honors thesis on the millennial generation and how marketers can reach this allusive group. In my thesis, I quoted from Gabrial Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years Of Solitude, “The search for lost things is hindered by routine habit and that is why it is so difficult to find them.” I referenced this quote to help illustrate the point that marketers have lost Millennials to a vast media environment and an unparalleled level of control, and cannot locate and reach them because those marketers are still holding on to routine marketing habits. They can no longer rely on traditional marketing to reach their target audience because neither the media nor the Millennial audience is traditional anymore.

I think this is a very interesting quote and can be interpreted and applied in a number of different ways. How I interpret this is in order to solve something you must begin to think in new and innovative ways, and cannnot necessarily rely on the way its always been done. This is especially true when dealing with media. With how fast media and technology change and how consumers interact with them, we must understand and embrace them in order to stay above the water.

The purpose of this blog is to provide the tools enabling you to break habit.

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