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My 2009 Predictions

I would be negligent as a person who consumes so much information and spends so much time engulfed in social media not to make my own predictions for 2009. So, here they are…
  1. Distribution rules.
    – New media companies will establish distribution networks before they build a single destination for their content. Companies will understand tvloop_logo_betathe need to put their efforts to reaching an audience across the web, instead of driving them to a single destination. As I have noted in a previous postTVLoop is a prime example of this. Instead of creating a site similar to Hulu, where all the content lives on a single destination, they first created a distribution network reaching an audience that already existed on social networking sites. Without sounding cliche, companies need to fish where the fish are instead of exerting their efforts luring them to a single trap. The most important thing is understanding how to monetize these distribution networks and create monetary value for the content. 
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Some Make Resolutions, Some Make Predictions

Here are a handful of links to some predictions for 2009:

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