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ReadWriteWeb posts technical framework for building Social Media Cheat Sheet

While slightly technical in nature, it is nothing that any moderate computer user would have trouble with. ReadWriteWeb has posted instructions on how to build a news-dashboard on any topic using social media tools and technologies freely available on the web. Continue reading


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The Tools To Monitor Social Media and Your Online Identity

superstock_1614r-10178Companies need to come to the realization that their brands exist and are shaped beyond their direct influence. For as long as brands have existed, consumers have had an opinion about them. Unlike twenty years ago, when those opinions could only be shared within small face-to-face networks, they can now be shared on a constantly expanding massive scale. Services like Twitter, Facebook and blogs enable this. Below is a fairly comprehensive list of the tools needed to track your brand and your online identity. See what they are saying about you…

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Social media in a box: The Chumby

chumby There was no must-buy Christmas electronic gift this year. No new iPhone refresh, no tickle-me-elmo – nothing! There is a gadget out there that has been flying under the radar, and it is probably one of the coolest open-source pieces of hardware to hit the market (or at least to hit your bedroom dresser) in a long time. The Chumby is a touchscreen in a plush housing, with a built in accelerometer, some speakers and a wifi card. Continue reading

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