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The Ultimate Social Media Search Engine

Just days after I gave my list of social media search and reputation management tools, Steve Rubel of Micro Persuasion points us to the launch of the socialwhostalkin1¬†media search aggregator, WhosTalkin. The people at WhosTalkin made the announcement on their blog on Thursday;¬†“After 7 months of development, we are finally unveiling the WhosTalkin.com Platform to the public! Our private beta testers gave it their all and helped us shape the direction and face of WhosTalkin.com. With their guidance made the following changes below.”

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2009 The Year Of Mobile Social Networking

One prediction I have for 2009 and the future of social media is the development and adoption of mobile social networks. What mobile mobilesndoes for social networking, if done correctly, is it effectively and seamlessly connects online relationships with offline experiences. The most popular features of social networking, like Facebook events, already do just that. With mobile social networks though, this can be accomplished with a lot more immediacy. There is the argument that online social networks causes people to become isolated and relinquish their need for real human interaction, but I think it actually enhances it. Once you are able to move outside of your house with these capabilities, I think this medium will begin to reach its full potential.

eMarketer released a report yesterday claiming there is major growth in mobile social networking. Overall, the number of people who accessed social networks from their mobile devices increased by 182% from September 2007 to October 2008.

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AdWeek: Publicis Links With Social Media Vendors

VivaKi LogoAdWeek has reported yet another Publicis partnership, this time in the social media space. Branded the REAL Suite (reach, engage, amplify, listen), Publicis is rolling this up under its VivaKi digital group. Like VivaKi itself, and other Publicis deals like its partnership with Google it is unclear whether Publicis has a real go-to-market social media strategy, or if this is just more Publicis PR. The key point though, is this announcement is another clear sign that the big holding companies haven’t quite figured out the social media space yet.

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