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60% Of Twitter Users Quit After A Month And For Good Reason

Yesterday, The Silicon Valley Insider reported according the Nielsen 60% of Twitter users quit after the first month. While over half of Twitter users fall off after a month, social networking services such as Facebook and MySpace have much strong retention rates.

They do not seem to want to give much weight to these numbers by quoting MediaMemo’s Peter Kafka:

It’s worth noting here that Nielsen is likely overstating the churn because it is only measuring visits to the Twitter.com URL. The majority of Twitter use happens away from the site, on mobile phones and apps like Tweetdeck, and it’s theoretically possible to never visit Twitter.com after you sign up.

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FEED: The Razorfish Consumer Experience Report

Gerd Leonhard of Media Futurist points to the 2008 Razorfish Consumer Experience Report. This is a very thorough overview of social media and how it relates to the consumer.

Some main points from the report: *denotes my commentary

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Vincent Dooly

Interesting viral campaign I came across for a independent movie release.

A friend of mine posted this video on my Facebook wall. He later told me he originally found it on  Digg.com. The film opens with “The Mother of Invention Documentary” and a prompt to follow Vincent Dooly on Twitter.

I thought the video was great, so I immediately emailed it to 4 friends who would probably agree with me. Next, I tried to find more videos of Vincent Dooly.  The most logical place to first look would be under the video in the response section. The video was a response to “Vincent and the Super Suit”. This is the video. Continue reading


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Twitter and Digg Intend to Make Money

The Silicon Valley Insider posted a couple of articles this week about what Twitter and Digg intend to do to make money. Here is what they found:


  • Ante says Digg will have to “dial back some of its expansion plans.” Says Adelson: “Now I am pressured to keep costs reasonable and focus more on the top-line revenue, which we really haven’t done ever.” After its last round of funding Digg said it would double headcount before December 2009. Maybe not now.
  • Insert ads into its RSS feeds.
  • Ante says Digg is “on the verge” of improving its search and sell ads against search results.
  • Digg is “within a month of closing a deal with a mobile ad provider to sell more ads on cell phones,”says Ante.
  • Buy Digg clones to expand internationally. “There are Digg clones around the world in every country,” says Adelson. “I could go into those markets and clean up those sites. If I needed more capital to do a deal, I could probably do it.”
  • Add new features to make users click more.


  • Revenue is coming Q1, Evan promises. “I don’t want to raise money in 2009.”
  • Twitter is in talks with “large consumer packaged good companies.” But no word yet on just what that means.
  • In the works: Grouping Twitter friends into cliques for easier following, a feature the microblogging service has been promising since at least June.
  • Also being promised: Making Twitter easier to use for a general audience. Evan didn’t mince words here — “It’s amazing anyone uses Twitter today,” he said. “It’s hard.”

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Terror Tweets

On Wednesday, I was sitting at lunch when all of a sudden the two women sipping wine and eating salads at the table next to mine started frantically placing and answering calls on their iPhone and Blackberry.

“Shootings!…Terrorists!…I know people there!”

After already being on alert from the headlines on Yahoo’s frontpage about possible terror attacks in the New York Subway system, I began to really listen. Both continued to try to get in touch with friends and family thought to be in Mumbai.

Trying to figure out what they were talking about, I went to my blackberry. I first went to CNN.com – nothing. Then to NYTimes.com – nothing. Finally to Google News “Mumbai” – nothing. Once I left the restaurant twenty minutes later, I checked again – “Deadly shootouts across Mumbai Luxury Hotels.” It took a full twenty minutes after hearing first hand, for the news outlets to begin reporting online.

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