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Skittles.com Turns Into A Social Media Hub

Mars’ Skittles has forgone a traditional website, and instead has created a seamless social media hub. If you go to the official Skittles website at www.skittles.com, the user is immediately directed to the Skittles fan page on Facebook.


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Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "DR. STEVE BRULE EXPLAINS VIRAL VIDEO", posted with vodpod

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Vincent Dooly

Interesting viral campaign I came across for a independent movie release.

A friend of mine posted this video on my Facebook wall. He later told me he originally found it on  Digg.com. The film opens with “The Mother of Invention Documentary” and a prompt to follow Vincent Dooly on Twitter.

I thought the video was great, so I immediately emailed it to 4 friends who would probably agree with me. Next, I tried to find more videos of Vincent Dooly.  The most logical place to first look would be under the video in the response section. The video was a response to “Vincent and the Super Suit”. This is the video. Continue reading


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How Hulu will beat YouTube

HuluLast month, Time.com named Hulu the #4 best invention of 2008. Hulu was bookended by The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and The Large Hadron Collider. While this ranking seems to be a bit extreme, especially since Hulu was only the 31st best website of 2008 also according to Time, there is no doubt it has made a major impact in the distribution and monetization of digital content and online video.

Hulu was in-part created by NBC Universal and News Corp. as a response to the behemoth that is YouTube. The purpose of Hulu is to distribute their programs on their terms. While this was first met with some criticism, this is now for the most part non-existent. The behemoth that is still YouTube, still based in UGC, is now feeling pressure from Hulu, and as a response YouTube is scrambling to partner with traditional media companies like Metro-Goldwyn Mayer and CBS. YouTube is taking many steps to monetize its site (media partnerships to attract advertisers, sponsored videos in search results), but it seems like these steps are not enough. The Financial Times reported Hulu is set to surpass YouTube in revenues by 2010, the majority of this being advertising revenues.

So, what is the difference between the advertising opportunities on Hulu and those on YouTube?

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Fireside Chat

This is the first of Barak Obama’s weekly posts on YouTube. He won a presidency in-part due to effectively using social media, and now we know that once he won he didn’t abandon it. He wants the voters who reached him through social media to continue to reach him.

There are so many advertisers that fail to effectively utilize social media because they are far to0 short sighted, especially if they reach an initial goal. Advertisers need to understand that with social media, users expect to constantly engage and do not want the content to abruptly come to a halt. For example, if an advertiser creates a branded channel on YouTube, that advertiser has to continuously update and provide new content with no end in sight. You want to drive users to the channel, but you also want to keep them there and keep them coming back.

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